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About Mark Richmond

Acrylic paintings of various subjects carefully planned and created in an East meets West fashion.


Stainless Steel Chop

All larger paintings have a stainless steel “chop” signature in one of the corners.

steel-chop abstracts is Mark’s alter-ego, with brilliant abstracts, all in a Caribbean theme.
Wes is Mark’s middle name. For more check out



Confero Art Collective



Currently I have these ( 5 ) pieces (limited editions) available for print on wood / metal / fine art paper as well as canvas. Confero is a San Diego based artist supporting fine print house. I am proud to be a part of their art collective, check out these prints and more, starting at just $35…

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2014-10-01 13.25.21   MR021 - 1240

elgallo-1920   koi-n-egret-homepage   the old man and the sea featured

These are just thumbnail images of the pieces available on Wood / Metal / or Fine Art Paper at Confero.

See them at:


The Real Housewives of Tokyo

30″ x 40″ acrylic and ink on wood deepset cradle. $2,450 – available   Prints Available (11″x14″ w/ black matting, backing board, and polybagged – $12) (16″ x 20″ w/ black matting, backing board, and polybagged...

Custom Prints

Limited Edition Signed Prints

Choose from just about any of my images from the gallery, we have various sizes at affordable prices, just contact us and we’ll get you a quote on your favorite piece right away!

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